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Date: 27th August 2016
HP-R High Level Lubricating Grease
Hangzhou Xinya Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China HP-R grease,Website:http://www.melinsolarenegys.com, complex lithium grease manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional company, our factory offers you cheap hp-r high level lubricating grease products with best quality. Welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.HP-R ?High Level Lubricating Grease (Complex Lithium Base)Basic Information: Base OilHigh-grade mineral oilThickenerComplex lithium soapAdditivesA variety of additivesTypical Values: ItemTypical ValuesAppearanceRefinedWorked ? ?cone penetration, 0.1mm265-295Dropping Point?? ??260Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100?,24h)PASSSteel ? ?mesh oil filtering (100?,24h)%? ?5(99?,22h)%??? ?2.0Sprinkling loss (38?,1h)% ? ?10Features: ?Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, which effectively prevents wear of friction parts, point loss, extending equipment life;?Good high temperature performance, with better antioxidant capacity than lithium-based grease;?Excellent anti-rust properties, with good lubricity, anti-rust performance in environment with water;?Good mechanical stability, which ensures a certain consistency in use, preventing loss.Application: ?Suitable for lubrication of the machineries like automobiles, tractors, and industries like metallurgy and textile etc.?For lubrication of heavy load vehicle wheel bearings, chassis, construction equipment, heavy-duty transport vehicles, night working tractor, as swell as general industrial equipment.?Also applicable to the harsh heavy load and shock load conditions.?Excellent anti-wear property, which effectively protects the bearings, applicable for bearing lubrication of automobiles, motors etc.Temperature range:-20?C~180?C.
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