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Date: 27th August 2016
Long-life Ball Case Grease
Long-life Ball Case GreaseBasic Information: Base OilSemi-synthetic base oil.ThickenerNew-type complex soap.AdditivesSuperfine powder of molybdenum disulfide etc.Typical Values: ItemTypical ValuesAppearanceBlack fine smooth ? ?ointmentWorked cone ? ?penetration, 0.1mm295~330Dropping Point, ?C ?260Corrosion(T2 sheet copper,100?,24h) % ?No green or black ? ?changeExtreme-pressure performance: 4-ball test, PB, ?588Steel mesh oil filtering (100?,24h)% ?2.0Low Temperature Torque (-40?), N?MStarting Torque ? Running Torque ??0.260.018Features: ?Excellent high temperature performance, ensuring lubrication of facilities under high temperature. ?Premium extreme pressure property, keeping metal parts luminous as new. ?Good compatibility with plastics. ?Great corrosion protection, keeping metal parts from corrosion. ?Excellent property for staring under low temperature, good for using in cold areas.Application: ?This is a specialized grease for ball cases, suitable for lubrication and sealing of constant velocity universal joint; also applicable for lubrication and sealing of friction parts like rolling bearing for facilities imported.Temperature range: -40?~180?.
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